Think big

Change of direction

I’ve been going to the New York School of Interior Design for more than six months now. Some of the great things I learned so was that I need to think wider They tell us to experiment, to get out of your comfort zone, to acquire new views. Here’s why I’m telling you this. I’ve always been an atheist and never considered religion as part of my life or work. This was before I met my Jewish teacher, Ms Roitman, who is not only an expert on contemporary art but also a wonderful person. She gave us a task to explore religious motifs and think about how we can use them in our projects.

Wailing Wall

In every confession there is a special place where people come to pray and mourn. For Jewish people it’s the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. It is not only a sacred place for the Jews, it’s a place of pilgrimage, and the symbol of national unity. Wailing Wall is a remnant of the Temple Mount in, which was destroyed by the Romans in 70 CE. Most people believe that the Wailing Wall got its name because millions of Jews used to cry at its foot over the destruction of the Temple. The architecture of this wall also amazed me. It is made out of huge stone blocks and nothing holds them together.

I began to think how you can incorporate such monumental piece into something more down-to-earth, adjust its immense power to the everyday life. So I thought about canvas wall art. Why not to use Wailing Wall theme in a painting? I googled large contemporary canvas wall art Wailing Wall. And guess what — I came across Leonid Afremov’s website again and founnd his Wailing Wall — a brilliant piece of contemporary wall art on canvas, that is definitely worth a look: The Wall rises like a huge monument over an endless line of pilgrims which look so tiny compared to the massiveness of the Wailing Wall.

I made a great project of a large informal living room designed in the oriental style with beige walls, dark hardwood floors, and the Wailing Wall canvas on the wall that made a beautiful addition to the interior. If you, like the Jews believe that this sacred place possess some supernatural power, you can fill your home with positive vibes that radiate from the Afremov’s canvas wall art piece.

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When you world turns upside down

You may think that interior design is the only thing on my mind. And boys. In fact, I do have some other hobbies and keeping fit is one of them. Because I need a boyfriend. Haha. Dancing, yoga, gym, cycling — I like doing a little bit of everything.  Being active helps me to refresh my mind and recharge my body. With so many options available I like trying something new and crazy every week. NY is a place for crazy. A week ago I came across an advertisement inviting to a free class of antigravity yoga. (If you don’t know what it is, check out here: In a nutshell, it’s a yoga in which you swing. Wow, that one is definitely worth trying, I thought and went to the free class. The key word is “free” here. The reality stroke me hard. It was one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done in my life. I’ll just say that I cleared my mind for sure. When you’re hanging upside down, all of your problems that seemed so big, become small and insignificant, and you just smile to your silly self. And everyone else in the class smiles at you because you helplessly flounder in the hammock stripes. It was a nice workout for the whole body, which was so sore the next day I could barely force myself to get out of the bed.


What makes me happy

My life is not a bed of roses. I have my ups and downs, I’ve got money troubles and I’ve got my heart broken (twice this year -_-)  But there are two things that make me really happy. These are my friends and my design projects. And not that I’m trying to brag, but have some awesome friends, and I’m good at what I do. OK, I did brag. I know what it takes to enhance the look of a place. My design projects come from stepping outside of my comfort zone, mixing textures, fabrics and colors in unique ways. When I immerse myself in my work, I’m totally and absolutely happy, enjoying every minute of what I do.

green living room
green living room